Trademark Renewal

Rs. 2500/- (The fee includes Professional Fees and does not include any government fee or any other out of pocket expenses and service Tax as applicable)A sign, word, design, expression, logo, symbol, image or a combination of these elements which is associated with a product or a service is a Trademark. in other words a trademark is used to identity a product / business/ goods / service. Any business, small or big, individual or partnership or business organization or any legal entity can register a Trademark with the appropriate authority.

As important is a Trademark for a business, as is its timely renewal. Every Trademark registered with the authority has its own time period of its validity.

Trademark is a kind of property owned which no one would like to withdraw the same. If you fail to get it renewed, then the owner will lose the proprietary rights and your registered trademark would be open to the world. Anyone can then use the trademark without the consent and take the benefits of the brand established over the years.

Each term renewal is for a period of 10 years after payment of the due fees. Normally the application for the renewal of the trademark should be filed within six months before the expiry of the registration/ renewal term.

However a request to renew the trademark can be accepted by the authorities after the expiry of the registration/ renewal subject to the late fees and certain conditions.