TAN Registration

Rs. 500 /- (The fee includes Professional Fees and government fee does not include any or any other out of pocket expenses and service Tax as applicable)TAN is a short Form, often used for enabling a person to deduct or collect TAX on behalf of the government.

TAN is a TAX (deduction and Collection ) account number. TAN is a 10 digit number issued by income tax authority, authorizing a person to deduct , collect tax on the payment made to any other person beyond the threshold as per the Law enforced by the Income Tax Act 1961.


Ten digit structure of a TAN number is divided into two Four parts as under: -

First Three Alphabetic Digits : represents the RCC Code. In other words the short three letters of a state in which the jurisdiction lies.

Fourth Alphabetic Digit : represents the first Letter of the organization name

Next Five Numeric Digits are system generated numbers.

Last Character is a Alphabetic digit which is a check digit and is also system generated.


No Documents are required to be accompanied to the form for the allotment of the TAN, except the Form properly filed and the requisite fees.