Proprietorship Firm Registration

(The Cost shall include a Preparation of Set of Documents, Delhi Shop & Establishment Registration, and Chartered Accountant Certificate) As the name suggests, proprietorship concern is whole sole entity of a proprietor, an individual. The Sole owner of the business is an individual/ proprietor/ founder of the business. The individual who has formed the entity owns the business wholly.

A Proprietorship Concern is a business structure, where the individual, the founder of the business wants to be an independent owner of the business. It is most common form of Entity used for operating small setups. Being most common forms of business structure, it is most easy to start. However it becomes difficult to have a bank account and payment gateway unless other business licenses are obtained to entrust the existence of a new business other than the individual.

This can be done in two Ways: -
  1. Basic Proprietorship Concern
  2. Registration under Companies Act 2013 as OPC (One Person Company)
    *Recently started to overcome the hardships of further licenses.

Basic Proprietorship Concern

The Proprietorship Firm does not require any specific enrolment as per the statutes of law.

A lot of hardships are faced by the Proprietor in order to open a bank account or obtain a Payment Gateway. Since the Reserve Bank of India has mandated for minimum of two registration proofs to entrust the existence of the a new business along with the PAN Card, identity proof and address proof of the Proprietor.

The registration can be of any of the two of business licenses, which may be following: service tax registration, MSME registration, VAT/TIN/CST registration, shop & establishment Act registration, Chartered Accountant certificate or others as provided in the RBI Know Your Customer norms.

Registration under Companies Act 2013 as OPC (One Person Company)

(Link to OPC in Companies)