Partnership Firm Registration

(The Cost shall include a Preparation of Partnership Deed, Notarization, Preparation of Set of Documents, Delhi Shop & Establishment Registration, Applying for a PAN Card, TAN, A stamp Seal and a Chartered Accountant Certificate) Partnership concern popularly known as Firm, is managed and owned by group of people that may be two or more. Or, In Other words, when two or more persons join together to invest, manage and control a business as per a deed, a partnership is formed.


The firm is a business that is owned, managed and controlled for sharing a business profit by two or more individuals. Partnership structure, terms and conditions may vary from business to business and individuals to individuals. Thus it is at most important to carefully draft a partnership deed to avoid future confusion and arguments. Partnership firm is a separate entity than the individuals owning it, unlike the proprietorship concern.

This can be done in two Ways: -

  1. Basic Partnership Concern

  2. Registration under Companies Act 2013 as LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)

    *Recently started to overcome the hardships of further licenses.

Basic Partnership Concern

Partnership firm can be started with any amount of minimum capital. Liability of the partners is unlimited. Partners are said to be jointly and severally be liable for the liabilities of the business.

Partnership deed is not compulsory to register a partnership firm; however, it is advisable to register a partnership firm under Indian Partnership Act 1932. The registrar of the Firms will issue registration Certificate.