NGO/ NPO/ Public Trust/ Trust Deed/ Charities

(The Fees excludes the Government Fees, Service Tax and includes a Preparation of Set of Documents, Applying for a PAN Card, TAN, A Stamp Seal) A Non Profit Organization or say a Non Government Organization formed by way of a document called TRUST DEED. Trust Deed can be termed as a deed of conveyance which created and setts out the conditions of the NPO / NGO/ Trust.

A most simple and easiest and handy options to make your NPO / NGO/ Trust is by way of the Trust Deed.

The objectives of the Trust have to be charitable for the public in general and trustees should ensure the property/ initiation fund to start the Trust.

It is always better to get the deed registered under the domain of the Public / Local Registrar. This makes the deed as a public document. However it is not essential as per law to do the same.

As long as the Trust formed by the Trust Deed is not registered under the income tax under section 12A, the Income Tax Department regards it as Association of Persons. Thus it is essential to get it registered under Section 12A to avail the benefits of the Taxation.

Procedure of incorporation includes: -
  1. Decide a Name and Address of the Trust
  2. Decide the Objective of a Trust
  3. Decide the One Founders of the Trust and Two Trustees
  4. Property of the Trust (any small initiation Amount)
  5. Formation and documenting the Trust Deed.