LLP Formation / Registration/ Formation of Limited Liability Partnership

This excludes the Government Fees, service tax and includes the formation of LLP Agreement, Applying for DPIN, Name of the LLP, Registering LLP, Applying for PAN, Applying for Tan, A Stamp/Seal. A registered partnership concern under the LLP ACT 2008 with a limited liability of the partners towards the liabilities of the business is a Limited Liability Partnership.

A new business structure introduced by the Registrar of Corporates to register all the partnership concerns as per the new law of LLP ACT 2008 and its rules.

Minimum of two individuals can for a LLP and there is no limit for the number of partners.

A lot of businesses prefer to business structure of LLP, due to
  1. Its simplicity of the Partnership firm, limited liabilities of the partners towards the liabilities of the business
  2. Advantages of the Company registered with the Registrar of Corporates.

Procedure of incorporation includes: -

  1. Applying for DIN/DPIN
  2. Acquire/ Register DSC
  3. Apply for the Name of the LLP
  4. Registration of the Subscription documents and essential information
  5. Registering the LLP Agreement