Company Incorporation in India

Enrolling of  an artificial person with the Registrar of Companies under Ministry of corporate affairs is a Incorporation / Formation of Company.
There can be various types of companies as per the requirement and type of the business .


About Company Incorporation

In India, incorporation of a company is governed by the Companies Act 2013. It governs and regulates formation, financing, functioning and winding up of companies. It applies to whole of India and to all types of companies, whether registered under this Act or an earlier Act. But it does not apply to universities, co-operative societies, unincorporated trading, scientific and other societies.

The Act is administered by the Central Government through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Offices of Registrar of Companies, Official Liquidators, Public Trustee, Company Law Board, Director of Inspection, etc. The Registrar of Companies (ROC) controls the task of incorporation of new companies and the administration of running companies.

The four Regional Directors, who are in charge of the respective regions, comprising a number of States and Union Territories, interalia, supervise the working of the Offices of Registrars of Companies and the Official Liquidators working in their regions.

They also maintain liaison with the respective State Governments and the Central Government in matters relating to the administration of the Companies Act, 2013.

There can be various types of companies as per the requirement of the Business, accordingly the setting up of a business in India or say structure of business that can be used to start up a business.

  1. Indian company
    1. Private Company
    2. Small Company
    3. OPC - One Person company
    4. Public Company
  2. Section 25 Company / Section 8 Company

  3. Foreign Company
    1. Wholly owned Subsidiary
    2. Liaison Office after approval from Reserve Bank of India
    3. Project Office after approval from Reserve Bank of India
    4. Branch Office after approval from Reserve Bank of India


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One Person Company

Fees does not include the Government Fees and service tax but includes the formation of LLP Agreement, Applying for DPIN, Name of the LLP, Registering LLP, Applying for PAN, Applying for Tan, A Stamp/Seal
Rs5200 Rs5000

Private Limited Company

The Fees excludes the Government Fees, Service tax and includes a Preparation of Memorandum of Association, Preparation of Article of Association, Digital Signature of One Director, Delhi Shop Establishment Registration, Applying for the PAN, Applying for the TAN. As the name suggests, Private limited Company has a private ownership. Business structure of a Private Company consists of minimum of the two Directors Shareholders/ Members/Founders have a limited liability by shares or guarantee.
Rs20000 Rs15000

Section 8 Company / Section 25 Company / NGO Company / Charities Company

(The Fees excludes the Government Fees, Service Tax and includes a Preparation and Submission of Set of Documents, Applying for a PAN Card, TAN, A Stamp Seal)A Company with the charitable objects, proved to the satisfaction of the Central Government.
Rs17000 Rs15000